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Course Highlights: Comprehensive Insight: Acquire effective techniques for solving high order Average problem sums. Targeted Focus: We address the top three common variations of the Concept of Redistribution. Video Explanations:Comprehensive video explanations for all three variations. Quiz for Mastery: Test your comprehension with an inclusive quiz section. Pricing Details: Regular Price: $16 Promotion Period: Not applicable  


Course Highlights: Comprehensive Insight: Understand the Supposition method’s intricacies and rationale. Targeted Focus: We tackle the two most frequently encountered variations of supposition questions, gauging students’ abilities. Video Explanations: 4 videos cover the 2 most commonly tested Supposition heuristics problem sum variations. Quiz for Mastery: Evaluate your understanding through a comprehensive quiz segment. Pricing Details: Regular Price: $10: A valuable investment in a foundational problem-solving technique. Promotion Period: Until the end of October 2023, seize the opportunity to enrol for FREE.  

PSLE Math Final Revision

Course Highlights: Focused Learning: 10 hours of expertly crafted video lessons, designed to cover crucial PSLE Math concepts. Structured Topics and Concepts: Lessons are organised into specific topics and concepts, allowing for targeted learning. Comprehensive Lesson Notes: Detailed lesson notes accompany each video, providing written reinforcement of the video explanations. Pricing Details: Regular Price: $600: An investment in comprehensive PSLE Math preparation. Promotion Period: Until the end of PSLE, this invaluable course is offered for FREE.


Welcome to our exciting online course specially crafted for you by Matrix Math! In this course, you will find ¬†These videos are packed with key concepts that we cover in our lessons, and to make the most of them, be sure to pair them with the Additional Practice papers we issue during class. As you prepare for the coming exam, I want to extend my best wishes to each of you. Use these resources diligently as part of your revision materials, and I do not doubt that you’ll shine brightly in your upcoming exams. Let’s embark on this learning journey together and make the most of every opportunity to excel in math!