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Dear Parent and Student,

On 23 January 2020, the Ministry of Health announced the first imported case of Coronavirus in Singapore. In view of the potential escalation of this virus and the anxiety that it may cause to our staff, students and parents, we will be implementing precautionary processes in our operations.

Stay home if your child is not feeling well

If you notice your child is not feeling well, do postpone the lesson to another day. We will be able to arrange with you a makeup lesson to ensure your child will not miss any lessons taught.

Temperature taking

We will be taking the temperature of every students, helpers, guardians and parent entering the centre premise. As we have constant human traffic flow throughout the day, we may not have enough resources to ensure every person temperature will be taken at the door. However, we will ensure the temperature of all students in the classroom will be taken before class begin.

In the scenario where a child is not feeling well, we will issue the child a face mask and will keep him/her isolated from the rest. We will contact his/her parents to fetch the child and arrange a makeup lesson.

Cleaning of classrooms

We will be cleaning the classroom tables after every lesson and the floor at the end of the day. Due to the additional process of temperature taking and classroom cleaning, we foresee there will be a slight delay in class start time. We seek your understanding and support.

After lesson review

At Matrix Math, it is our teachers’ practice to spend some time to share the students learning with parents after each lesson. Going forward, if necessary, we will update parents via WhatsApp. Nevertheless, if you would like to speak to our teachers, we can always call you after the lessons. Just drop us a WhatsApp message at 97703943, we will call you within the week.

The above precautionary measures will result in some inconvenience and we seek your understanding, cooperation and support.

We will continuously keep ourselves updated on the development and informed about any announcement on recommended response measures issued by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. Matrix Math centres will take these announcements seriously and adapt them to our operations.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours Sincerely,

Management Team

Matrix Math

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