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Why is homework important?

Most kids feel homework is a chore, especially as they study the whole day at school, only to start again in the evening. Even their parents don’t work that hard!

Homework may seem unfair, especially when it adds up from each class. However, it’s actually a really important part of your education process.

It’s good for you, believe it or not!

Not convinced? here’s why …

Homework creates a bridge for you and your parents

Homework is a way for your parents to get involved in your school work, to check on your progress and to spend some time with you, which they can’t do when you are at school or they are at work.

It prepares you for the next lesson

If you’ve been given some homework to prepare for the next lesson, it’s wise to spend some time on it so that you can get the most out of the lesson when it happens. You will be better able to take part in discussions or solve problems because you’ve studied ahead of time.

It is a way to check you’ve understood what was taught in class

Homework is a great way to practise what you’ve learnt. You probably didn’t get enough time in class to really practise the new learning properly. With maths especially, repetition through many practice sums is the way to get familiar with the concepts taught. And if you find that you are struggling with the concepts, you know this is something you need to bring up with your teacher or tutor in your next session.

It instills discipline and lifelong career skills

Homework teaches you more than just the topics you are learning. The process of completing homework on time and submitting it sets you up for valuable skills you need in the workplace and in life. This includes time management, organisational and prioritisation skills.

When is homework too much?

Studies have found that homework raises academic performance the higher the school year. So it’s more beneficial for older students. However, whichever grade you are in, studies also reveal that too much homework can burn students out and cancel any benefits. If you feel you have too much homework, for example you have to work late into the night to complete it all, look at your study habits and time management skills. Are you letting things distract you? If not, have a discussion with your teachers and explain what’s going on. They may not realise how much the homework from other teachers is adding to your workload.

Where to find extra homework?

Believe it or not, many of our students ask us for more homework. They really enjoy the maths process at Matrix Math. We’ve been thinking about this and have put together a free maths portal chock full of extra study materials for every year, all based on our proprietary content. There’s valuable maths resources and materials for you to download for free as well as tutorials to watch.

Now you can simply log in to and practise to your heart’s content.

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