Why Choose Us ?

Your child's education is important to us. That's why we've dedicated over a decade of resources and experience to cultivating the best possible learning environment for our students.

Matrix Math is committed to helping every one of our students excel in Mathematics and here are some of the ways we achieve that.

We Specialise in Mathematics

We do just one thing, and we do it well. With Mathematics as our main focus, we devote all our resources to improving and updating our teaching syllabus to ensure our students learn quickly and effectively.


Our instructors are put through a stringent hiring and training process to provide students with the best possible guidance.

Optimal Student-Teacher Ratio

Participative learning is required for students to fully understand the complexity of Mathematics.


With a 6:1 student:teacher ratio, students receive a high-level of attention from the instructor and the opportunity to interact and learn together with their peers.

Matrix Method

Every Mathematical topic and concept contains several ‘sub-topics’ and ‘sub-concepts’, which are frequently mixed and combined by examiners to challenge the student.


We simplify the problem-solving process by categorising each topic and concept, tagging the best methods to solve each type of question, and teaching these methods to students.

Integrated Programme

Matrix Math involves both theory and application skills in every lesson. Lessons are designed and planned with a long-term view to link topics, Concepts, and Methods across every level. 


Our integrated learning approach enables students to better understand the concepts taught, and through immediate application, ingrain the knowledge in their young minds.

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