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Teaching preschoolers problem solving skills?
Consider the following. When we think of a problem sum, the first thing that comes to your head is probably a long story and an even longer string of equations to solve the question posed to you. However, when it comes to teaching heuristic problem solving to pre-school students, the problem sums differ greatly from what you may be used to. In order to effectively and efficiently teach a young learner how to do a problem sum, rather than giving them a string of text, we depict the story to them in the form of engaging visuals, allowing them to fully understand the story. Next the inclusive approach the questions take, allows the child to ‘take part’ in the story telling process, filling up the blanks as they progress. This approach provides the pre-school students with a step by step process to understand and solve problem sums, which overtime, aids in the development of problem solving skills. So try this next time you are teaching preschoolers problem solving skills
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