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Section I: Notes (for parents)

· If you have more than one child of different levels (eg. One P3 kid and one P5 kid) attending the online lesson at the same time, ensure they are in different areas of the house as far from each other as possible, each with his/her own device for the lesson.

· If you have more than one child of the same level (eg. Two P3 kids) attending the same online lesson at the same time, they may share one desktop/tablet/phone to attend the lesson.

Section II: Logistics (for parents and students)

The following is a checklist of things to prepare before the online lesson.

o A device to access the online lessons, in order of preference as follows:

1) Desktop / laptop (strongly recommended)

2) Tablet

3) Smartphone

o Device plugged to a power source during lesson.

o ZOOM app to be installed (strongly recommended) in device.

o Device setup in an area with stable WiFi connection.

o Built-in speaker OR earphones/headphones (the latter is recommended)

o Webcam (not compulsory but recommended)

o Built-in microphone OR earphone mics (not compulsory, however the latter is recommended)

o Writing materials – stationeries, writing pad / foolscap papers, calculators (applicable for P5 and P6), graph papers (applicable for secondary students)

o A conducive environment with minimal background noise (eg. in a closed room)

Section III: Instructions (for parents)

1. If your child is attending the online lesson using a tablet/smartphone, ensure that the ZOOM app has been downloaded. If your child is using a desktop/laptop, ZOOM may be accessed using browser. However, downloading the ZOOM app is strongly recommended.

2. Check your email or WhatsApp and look for the URL which the administrator will send at least one day in advance before the lesson. Every lesson has its own unique URL.

3. Click on the URL, and follow any instructions prompted on the site that will lead you to join the conference.

4. Allow 1-2 min buffer time for loading of the ZOOM conference.

5. Click [Join Computer Audio].

6. Carry out audio and mic check. (Refer to Section IV)

Section IV: System check (for parents and students)

Students who wish to use earphones for the online lesson may plug it into their devices first before proceeding with the audio check.

1. At the bottom left corner beside [Mute]  [^]  [Test Speaker & Microphone]. Follow the instructions prompted on screen to do an audio and mic check.

2. For students who are using browser to access ZOOM, do ensure your browser settings allow microphone to be turned on.

3. If your device has a webcam, click on [Start Video] at the bottom left. (not compulsory but strongly recommended)

4. Teacher will proceed to do an audio check with all students in the session to ensure students can hear the teacher.

Teacher will proceed to do a screen-sharing check with all students in the session to ensure students can view the content on the screen.

Section V: Rules of Engagement (for students)

1. Student’s audio will be muted while teacher is teaching to minimise any background noise or possible interruptions from students.

2. Student’s video and audio will be unmuted only when the teacher requires a verbal response from students.

3. At any point of time, if student wishes to raise an enquiry, student may do so through the following ways:

– Click on [Raise hand]. ([Raise hand] is found by clicking on [Participants])

– Type out his/her enquiry in the chat board. (Click on [Chat] icon)

– Click on [Unmute] or press and hold spacebar to ask verbally.

4. Students may respond to teacher’s questions through the following ways, depending on teacher’s cue:

– Responding verbally through the mic

– Typing out responses in the chat board

– Giving a “thumbs-up” reaction (using the [Reactions] icon at the bottom of screen)

5. Any disruptive behaviour from the student will not be tolerated (eg. spamming the chat group unnecessarily). As such, the teacher may remove student from the conference.

Section VI: Lesson Days, Materials and Review (for students)

The online lessons for the week will start on Thursdays and end on Sundays*. If you are aware that your child is not able to attend the lesson beforehand, please inform the admin via WhatsApp to arrange for a replacement lesson within the same week. If a same-week replacement is not possible, we may arrange for another slot in the following week.

*Note: applicable to Matrix Math HQ only

Before the lesson:

· Prepare all necessary writing materials, foolscap papers/writing pad, calculators (applicable for P5 and P6) and graph papers (applicable for secondary students).

During the lesson:

· Student only need to refer to the questions shown on the slides.

· Engage in the lesson as per usual.

· Write down question number and solutions on foolscap paper/writing pad.

· DO NOT copy down the questions.

· At the end of the lesson, the teacher will leave his/her name, email, and contact number in the chat board. The student is required to note it down.

After the lesson:

· Lesson slides will be sent to parents through email by the end of the day of the lesson.

· Lesson slides consist of:

Main lesson slides that were taught during lesson, with solutions included

Additional practice questions (homework) with final answers included.

· There is no need to print out the slides if you do not wish to. If you would like to have a hardcopy of the lesson slides but are unable to print them at home, you may only collect printouts from the centre only after 4 May 2020, or when the circuit breaker ceases, whichever the earlier.

· Students are to attempt the additional practice questions (homework) found at the end of the lesson slides.

· Solutions for the week’s homework will be sent out to parents the following Tuesdays for students.

· If students wish to let the teacher review their work, please email or WhatsApp the teacher or to the admin via the email address/contact number provided by the teacher at the end of the lesson (not compulsory).

Summary of Materials

*with only final answers included

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