Developed in 2016 and officially launched in 2018, Matrix Math is proud to inform everyone that we have developed a Secondary school programme


To develop MA+RIX Math programme, extensive research was conducted on top school examination papers to understand how different concepts are applied and tested.


Our lessons are organized by topic and concepts, with each lesson covering between one to four concepts


 Our programme focuses on concepts that are  commonly tested and concepts students struggle with, helping with the ease of revision

Bridging Programme

The programme was also designed to help P6 students transit easily to secondary school.


Lessons delivered in our Secondary school programme are very similiar to our Primary school programme, providing a sense of familiarity and making concepts less daunting and more enjoyable for all. 

3 Component Course

Each lesson consists of three components


  • Worksheet (covers concepts to be taught in the lesson)

  • Lesson Notes (provides more information to students about what they are learning)

  • Full detailed solution (students can learn from their mistakes and understand where they went wrong)

Ma+rix motto

Lessons/questions are marked according to the level of guidance required by the student, giving parents a good grasp of how much their child understands the concept and how much help they require for each question.

Not only that, but our programme helps with the ease of revision by focusing more on topics that each student struggles with.

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