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 Our holiday preparatory classes have been specially designed to impart key heuristic skills in problem-solving that students should master by the end of the year before transiting to a new level next year. The lessons have been organized into different concepts, which students will be equipped with the awareness of identifying keywords and phrases commonly used in word problems. With the methods our specialist teachers will be delivering during the classes, your child will gain more confidence than before when facing a myriad of word problems. If you would like to glimpse what our typical regular courses are like, these holiday preparatory classes provide you with the perfect space to do that! 


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    2023 Prep Class Curriculum

    Going Primary 3 (2023)
    • Before Change After concept
    • Comparison concept
    • Internal Transfer using Models
    • Multiplication and Division 
    • Grouping concept (without remainder)
    • Introduction to 2-digit x 1-digit multiplication
    • Grouping concept (with remainder)
    • Money
    • Time
    Going Primary 4 (2023)
    • Whole Numbers operations
    • Comparison model (Quantity)
    • Comparison model (Units)
    • Quantity external transfer
    • Fractions operations
    • Simultaneous concept
    • Part and whole concept 
    • Stacking model involving fractions
    • Supposition
    • Comparison model (Quantity and unit)
    Going Primary 5 (2023)
    • Fractions operations problem sums
    • Fractions comparison model (Quantity and units)
    • Equivalent proportions
    • Advance supposition concepts applications
    • Before change after
    • Advance part and whole applications
    • Remainder theory concepts
    • Advance stacking model applications
    • Advance Equivalent proportion applications
    • Internal quantity transfer
    • Before change after, advance applications
    • Simultaneous concept applications
    Going Primary 6 (2023)
    • Internal proportion transfer
    • Simultaneous concept involving fractions
    • Advance external proportion transfer applications
    • Ratios (Quantity and value)
    • Ratios with geometry
    • Ratios with advance application of common base
    • Problem sums involving units and parts
    • Ratios and Remainder Theory
    • Percentage and Remainder Theory
    • External proportion transfer involving percentage
    • Questions involving both proportion and quantity transfer
    Going Secondary 1 (2023)
    • Speed
    • Pie chart
    • Real numbers
    • Algebra
    Going Secondary 2 (2023)
    • Algebraic manipulations
    • Linear functions and graphs
    • Area and perimeter
    • Volume 
    Going Secondary 3 (2023)
    • Quadratic equations
    • Quadratic graphs
    • Mensuration
    • Probability
    Going Secondary 3A (2023)
    • Completing the square
    • Discriminant
    Going Secondary 4 (2023)
    • Quadratic equations
    • Indices
    • Coordinate geometry
    • Similar figures (Circles)
    Going Secondary 4A (2023)
    • Simple differentiation
    • The Chain Rule (Differentiation)



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