Tests and examinations can be a very stressful period for even the most well prepared students. Stress understandably causes many students to make careless mistakes. An alarming number of students have been making the same careless mistake; not reseting their calculators. A seemingly small mistake, can have a grave impact on a child's grades. The severity of this mistake varies between children some losing a couple marks and others dropping by 2 to 3 grades!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to reset your calculator before the exam! Some students may unknowingly have their calculators set at 1 decimal place or even to round the answer to the closest whole number. These are small mistakes that add up over the entire paper. If your child is not sure how to reset their calculator, here's how:

SHARP Calculators:

Click on 2nd Fn > Alpha > ( 2 ) > ( 0 )

CASIO Calculators:

Click on Shift & 9 (at the same time) > ( 3 ) > ( = ) > AC

This simple 4 step process could potentially save you up to 30 marks! Remind your child to reset their calculators before the exam, or help them do it the night before. Spread this piece of important information to your friends and family and pass it down. Here at PSLEMath we aim to eradicate careless mistakes amongst students, our students or not !

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