Matrix Math Master Class

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Venue: Zoom

Date: 30 Sep 2020 (2pm - 3pm)

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5 Must-know Math Concepts Before PSLE

It could be the difference between an A and B grade! 

 1. Shortage and surplus​


2. High-order Average questions that are solved using differences.

3. High-order Fractions questions that involve transfer of fractional values. E.g. John gave 3⁄4 of his stamps to Peter. Peter used half his stamps. They have ....​

4. High-order Volume questions that involve transfer. E.g. Water in container A is poured into container B until their water level is equal...​

5. High-order Whole Number questions that involve both quantity and value. E.g. John has 40 more 10-cent coins than $1 coins. The values of his 10-cent coins is $2.30 less than his $1 coins...   

Venue: ZOOM

Date: 30 Sep 2020 (2 pm to 3 pm)