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Is it harder to learn maths online? As you probably know by now, at Math Matrix, we offer a hybrid online/classroom course for added convenience for our students. Some parents ask us if learning maths online is really effective. Here’s our take on the matter: With the technology available today, there isn’t much difference between a classroom and an online class.

*The only difference is the physical environment* Our instructors teach the same concepts the same way so you aren’t missing out by learning remotely. You still get the same classroom feel when you learn maths online. You can see your classmates and they can see you. You can interact with the class and ask questions the same way you would in the classroom environment.

*Participation is key* As with anything in life, you get out of something what you put into it. So if a student attends online, or in the classroom for that matter, and doesn’t actively participate or ask questions, they will not get as clear an understanding as those who do. Make sure you take part however you show up in class.

*Choose online classes where you can see everyone* The technology selected by the centre will affect how you learn maths online. Be sure to select online classes that allow you to see other participants and actively participate in the class when you have questions. The more the software can simulate the physical classroom the better.

*Do your homework assignments and submit them on time* Learning remotely is no excuse for not handing in homework. Remember, the only difference between class and online learning is the physical location. You are still expected to do the same work and put in the same amount of effort. It’s not a case of “out of sight, out of mind”!

*It’s not a prerecorded lesson* While we do offer prerecorded packages as a supplementary way for our students to revise and get in some additional study, our Matrix Math online classes are live events that take place inside a live classroom lesson. This means you still participate, you can’t fast-forward the video or skip parts, and you can ask when you get stuck. It’s just like a classroom lesson, it’s just you are not physically there.

So, as long as you choose online learning that simulates the live classroom environment, there should be no concerns as to whether online learning yields the same results. If the student is willing to learn, the result will come.Ask about our Maths lessons today.

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