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How to introduce maths to young children?

Maths is a complicated subject and not many parents know how to introduce it to their children. Before starting any formal schooling, most children will develop a very basic understanding of simple concepts such as addition and subtraction from their day to day interactions. This process can however be expedited and introduced to a child at a very early age. In this article, we will go over a couple different methods that are both fun and engaging for children.

Math Games

There are a plethora of games that children love which actually aid you in teaching them math. Some are marketed as math games while others seem like simple games, but can be used to introduced simple mathematics. A simple game could be Snakes and Ladders, what seems like a normal board game is actually a very helpful tool for introducing children to the numbers 1 to 100 and teaches them how to count up to a 100.

A more advanced game for older children with a relatively strong foundation in math is monopoly or any similar board game. This board game is fun for the whole family and is a good way to strengthen and reinforce your child’s addition and subtraction and also teaching them about money. Games are a very good way to introduce math to children of all ages, as they feel like they are playing rather than doing work.


Baking with your children is fun and relaxing. This little hobby/project is a great way to teach your child math. Baking something simple like cakes or cookies will do. For younger children, you can teach them simple things like counting and give them a small introduction into fractions. By letting them split the cookies into halves and quarters themselves, they will visually learn how the fractions are created. Using those split pieces, you can teach them to add the fractions together, such as 1/4 + 1/2 = 3/4. Seeing the pieces come together and form a half or three quarters of a cookie will make an impression in the child’s mind and build a strong foundation in fractions.

A more advanced set of teaching resources, for older children, can come in the form of introducing them to weight and volume. When measuring ingredients, let your child weigh out or measure the ingredients themselves. From there they can learn that 1000 grams make a Kilogram, 1000 millilitres make a litre. This simple activity may just seem like a typical weekend pet project, but is actually a great form of bonding with your child and also a resource for introducing new math concepts to your child.

Math is a subject with a vast range of topics and concepts. Many day to day activities can be used to introduce and reinforce your child’s foundation in math. Math does not have to be the complicated subject that everyone views it to be. When introducing math to a young child be sure to make it fun, engaging and light hearted, so as to ensure your child enjoys the learning process, rather than developing an aversion to the subject.

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