maths exam stress

Help Your Teen Beat Maths Exam Stress

How to help your teen beat maths exam stress?Anxiety is a part of taking exams and for the most part it is a perfectly normal reaction that motivates your child
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math class size

Does math class size matter?

Does math class size matter? One of the reasons private math tuition is effective can be attributed to the math class size. Researchers from numerous studies all agree that smaller
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dyslexia in maths

Could dyslexia in maths be affecting your child’s maths progress?

It’s fairly common knowledge that dyslexia affects the ability to read, write and spell. But did you know that dyslexia in maths also has an impact on how maths problems
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An interview with Matrix Math founder

Matrix Math has become a mainstay in mathematics tuition in Singapore and Malaysia over the last 10 years thanks to the dedication of Matrix Math founder Jason Hiak and his
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refusing to do homework

Is your child refusing to do homework?

Is your child refusing to do homework? It’s pretty normal for kids to resist doing homework or show a lack of enthusiasm over doing homework. It’s easy to label the
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maths anxiety

Maths Anxiety levels in class can predict pupils’ results

It saddens us at Matrix Math to say, because we know how AWESOME maths is, but Maths Anxiety, a negative reaction to mathematics, is commonplace in classrooms all over the
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spatial reasoning

Spatial Reasoning helps your child succeed in maths

Spatial reasoning helps your child succeed in maths. Naturally you want your child to be good in maths as it’s a fundamental skill critical to how we live our lives
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School Life Balance

School Life Balance and How to Achieve It

The Covid pandemic has caused us all to take an introspective look at the way we live our lives and how we achieve balance. For school-going children, especially in Secondary
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why students cheat

Why Students Cheat – And What To Do About It

What students cheat. Whether it’s pressure to pass exams, get good grades or to help out friends, most students have been exposed to cheating in some form or another. Most
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kindergarten maths

Kindergarten maths – How to prepare your child

As a parent, you want to start your child off on the right footing before they learn kindergarten maths without added the pressure of formal learning. When maths concepts are
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Top Math tuition

Are Errors Costing You Marks in Your Maths Exams?

Are errors costing you marks in your maths exams? It’s one thing to lose marks because you don’t understand the question or don’t have the knowledge needed to work out
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Math tuition

Could you be worrying unnecessarily about your child’s academic future?

Could you be worrying unnecessarily about your child’s academic future? Educators have long thought that a pre-school child’s ability to follow orders, their ability to work independently and in a group,
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