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What are the best math apps for your kids? Most of us have probably tried various traditional methods to teach maths to our children. Digital math games for kids can really help to build maths skills.

We have selected 5 of the best maths apps for your kids that you can consider to help your child learn maths in a most engaging, interactive, and informative way!


1) MathBRIX

Hot on our list of best maths apps for your kids is this tool. The friendly graphics will amaze your preschooler. This app helps students develop their basic math skills. It contains hours of fun, yet challenging learning activities, designed for children ages 4-8. The overall program follows a “trunk and leaves” approach in which core concepts are introduced and internalised before branching out to more abstract ideas.


2) Marble Math Junior

Collect numbers and bonuses by solving math problems as you make your way through a marble maze. The app is designed with 3 difficulty levels, where each level has a different marble design to match your child’s unique personality and skill set.


3)  Math Kids

You just need to finish 8 levels as quickly as possible by answering ten different types of maths questions, including fractions and greater than, less than, or equal to. The exciting part for kids is the time limit that will challenge them to solve the problems fast and the additional time reward for correct answers. That’s why we think it’s one of the best math apps for your kids.


4) SplashLearn

This app is perfectly designed for visual learners, and makes learning maths more enjoyable and collaborative. It is also ideal for different levels – shapes and counting for kindergarten and advanced maths for fifth-grade level and others. Notable features include virtual rewards, a dashboard for tracking progress, and explanations for incorrect answers.


5) Monster Math

Does your kid also love stories and challenges? The Monster Math is the perfect app to learn basic arithmetic. Maxx, a friendly Monster, will teach your child addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. While helping Maxx battle enemies, explore, and save his friend Dextra, your child will pick up a variety of skills. They can also compete with others online in “Multiplayer Mode”.

Do you have an app you’ve found helpful that we can add to our “best math apps for your kids” list? If so, recommend it to our Matrix Math community here!

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