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Attention All Concerned Parents with Primary 3-5 children who would like to see their children progress to the next grade.
Discover how a breakthrough technique developed based on Metacognitive thinking
approach that can immediately help children solve problem sums beyond their level. 
Even if they used to leave multiple questions blank.
The Importance of Metacognitive Thinking
Children who did well in lower primary sometimes may suffer a drastic dip in results in upper primary because they are not equipped with metacognitive thinking process.

Metacognition has always been emphasized in the Singapore Math curriculum. For more than 20 years, it has been one of the five inter-related components of the Math Curriculum Framework. The central focus is to use Math to solve problems. According to NIE Assistant Professor Lee Ngan Hoe, metacognition is “the cognition of cognition (or thinking about thinking)”. Professor Lee Ngan Hoe explains, Math students who put metacognition into practice will think about why they chose a particular approach to solve a problem, start to monitor their thinking to evaluate and regulate it.

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