About Us

About Us

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Matrix Math specialises in courses and tuition programmes designed to help students excel in maths. We do this through our proprietary, award-winning Matrix Math method.

We are recognised especially for preparing primary school pupils for PSLE. However, the Matrix Method works just as effectively for:

  • pre-school children getting ready for Primary 1 and
  • secondary school students preparing for their O levels.

The Matrix Method was developed by Matrix Math founder Jason Hiak in 2008 as he journeyed through the process of helping his own children better understand their maths homework.

As he worked with them, Jason began to realise that they were not applying the right thinking or approaches to solving the problem sums they were struggling with.

As Jason addressed this issue and tutored his children to think differently and apply a methodical, step-by-step thought process, he started to see results as their grades climbed.

They were also becoming confident learners who could apply this revolutionary thinking system, not only to their maths work, but to all their school subjects with equal success.

Jason soon discovered that his children were able to apply the Matrix Method to solve problem sums they hadn’t encountered before. That was when he knew he had something special, a system that worked and something that needed to be shared with all children struggling with maths.

He suspected that if the Matrix Method worked on his children, it could work on all.

As he launched Matrix Maths tuition centres and worked with children of all ages and abilities, he proved that the Matrix Method worked.

The results speak for themselves.

Our scientific diagnostic test assesses each pupil’s maths abilities and weaknesses. Knowing the gaps we need to fill, we devise an individualised study programme for each child. As they show proficiency in each learning objective, they advance.


Matrix Math Tuition Centres
Today, Matrix Math operates 10 centres across Singapore. Each class caters to students of the same school year and applies an optimal teacher-to-student ratio of 1:6 to ensure that every pupil gets the help and attention they need.

The lessons follow an integrated approach to heuristic problem-solving, giving our students a solid grasp of the fundamentals, as well as helping them develop a methodical step-by-step thought process that turns complicated sums into simple easily solvable questions.

Matrix Math Online Tuition
When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all classroom-based learning, we quickly transitioned to holding live online webinars via our safe and secure teleconferencing system.

This allowed us to continue helping our students excel and provided the added benefit for our students of being able to better manage their time and learn from the comfort of home.

We were delighted to discover that our online tuition classes were just as effective as our centre-based lessons.

Matric Math Hybrid Tuition
As the social distancing restriction imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic eased and students started to return to our tuition centres, some families expressed the desire to maintain the online tuition arrangements.

Today, we offer the choice of:

  • only centre-based learning,
  • only online live learning or
  • a hybrid of the two.

In our hybrid offering, students can learn from us online via webinar, which is streamed into our centre-based classes so students can come together in the online and offline environments.


Matrix Math Online Courses
Seeing the success of the online learning model and understanding that our students benefit greatly from pre-recorded lessons that they can replay over and over, we have recently launched our suite of online courses that can be accessed via our online membership site.

Students with login access can view all course bundles they have access to, based on their membership purchases.


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