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Think of mathematics as a branch of science that uses numbers and symbols and is applied to various fields of science, technology, business and commerce.

It goes, therefore, that you need to have a basic understanding of mathematics as its use is so wide-spread.

One of the hardest thing in learning maths is to remember formulas. Here are few tips to help you:

Get familiar with the formula in advance

Get ahead of your text book a bit and read up on the upcoming formulas you will be learning. That way, when thy come up in class, you will have had a head start in the learning. It will also help you remember the formulas later.


It’s an old adage but true: practice makes perfect – or at least permanent. So if you want to master anything, including formulas, practise doing them until they become second nature. Look for the patterns that happen each time.

Learn in different ways

Writing formulas down will help. Writing anything down on paper helps you to ingrain it in your memory. Try writing them out on large pieces of paper and pasting them to your bedroom wall. Seeing them every day this way will help you internalise them. Try also to read them out loud. This also helps with memorising. You can also watch videos related to maths formulas and equations to get more familiar with them.

Use memory techniques

Boosting your memory with well-known memory techniques is also helpful. The simplest way is to relate the formula to a story where each part of the formula represents one piece of the story. Tell the story in sequence to get the right sequence of the formula.

Remove distractions

Set a fixed time to study and remove all distractions while you apply yourself during that appointed study time. That means no TV, Netflix, YouTube, Internet or music. Turn everything off and concentrate of memorising the formulas.

Understand the formula

Understanding the reason for the formula will go a long way to helping memorise it. It’s easier to remember something you understand. Learn to love maths and it will be easier for you to get to understand it. Of course having good teachers helps.

Give our tutors at Matrix Maths a go and you’ll soon know how to memorise maths formulas. Our students leave us having developed a sound understanding and love for maths.

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