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5 useful maths coaching tips for parents


If you find your child losing interest, having problems catching up or losing marks unnecessarily, here are 5 useful maths coaching tips for parents that you need to know!

1. The only way to get better is – Practice, practice and more practice.

As tacky as it may sounds – In Math, the only way you can get better is to practice and practice. Math is all about the wide range of questions that you are exposed to. When you are exposed to more math questions, you are able to notice the patterns and certain questions are just a matter of rephrasing and you will ace it in no time.

2. Clear your doubts

Math is like a lifetime maze, it is hard for your child to retrace your steps and it is absolutely IMPORTANT to clear any of your doubts along the way. As the topics in Primary Math are mostly interlinked, the faster you clear your doubts, the faster you progress on. Ask your child to approach their teachers and peers today!

3. Corrections and Mistakes are VERY important

As much as we know corrections and more corrections means more homework, it is essential to clear corrections and mistakes timely so your child will not repeat the same mistake in examinations and corrections acts as another form of revision. In addition, it is very useful to use corrections as a form of daily revision to revise effectively and this method has worked for a lot of students!

4. Reading of Math Questions and proper recording of data

Most children tends to read the question briefly and start assuming what the question is asking for. However, besides reading the question, the process of first recording key data from the question onto the paper before even attempting to solve will significantly help the children to digest and understand the questions better . Recording can be in the form of model drawing , tables , number Statements, listing etc ….

5. Revision

Keep a record of questions that your child found challenging. File them by topics or if possible by concepts. This will form as a very useful resource for efficient revision before exams and we wish you all the very best in your upcoming exams!

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