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Here at PSLEMath, we strive to push your children to their fullest potential and ensure that they are able to think deeper when it comes to solving difficult questions. We also make it a point to be with your children every step of the way as they embark on their mathematics journey.As such, it is always pleasing to hear that we can help our students strive for more, encouraging us to continue to do what we love. To read the testimonial in full, please read on below.

“I would just like to commend the teachers at the Ang Mo Kio Branch especially Teacher Rebecca, manager for the centre for their guidance towards my two children who were at PSLEMath since K2 in 2017. I still remembered when I first approached the centre with a sceptical mindset as I enquired about the coursework in the centre.

The reason being I had put the children in other centres that could not motivate them to carry on their learning for Mathematics and they get bored easily. As both my children were well in advance in their work, I was hoping to find an enrichment centre that could cater to their learning needs to put their brains into deeper thinking for the subject.

True enough, teacher Rebecca was able to answer all my queries and doubts and able to cater to my children’s learning needs and at the same time motivate them into performing so well at Primary 1 this year. The teachers were passionate in their teachings and were able to cater to their desire to perform at their highest potential. My children are Ang Kai Kee Jayden and Ang Geok Kee Jade.

I would like to sincerely thank them for the guidance given this year though I am a teacher myself, I had no time for them to guide them through Mathematics concepts on my own.”

Regards,Mrs Ang-Oi Poh Ling

(Mother of Jayden and Jade Ang)

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