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In all our years of teaching, not only have we come a long way but our students have too. We’re privileged to have followed students throughout their math journey, some even starting their journey with us since Kindergarten.

This week, we’re happy to share a testimonial we’ve received, touching our hearts and is the main motivation of why we continue to do what we do. Read the testimonial in full below.


Dear PSLEMath,

We want to give our heartfelt thanks to PSLE Math (Ang Mo Kio Branch) Centre and special gratitude to teacher Rebecca for her enduring passion and dedication in coaching our son Louis to his PSLE success in gaining A* for his Math.

When our son reached K1, we pondered upon PSLE/JEI Math and wondered if it’s beneficial to our son who has always been slower in learning compared to other kids of his age due to him born in late December. The AMK Branch of JEI/PSLE Math had just opened and we took faith in Rebecca’s confidence and inspiration of her personal coaching to Louis. Since then, Louis has been faring well in his Math for P1-P3 and was even selected into Math Olympiad courses by his school teacher.

Louis also got third in class in P4 and Math was the only subject that had gotten A and pulled his grades above his peers. From P4 to P6, Louis has always scored the highest marks in his Math for all his CA and SA examinations and top his class for this subject. While careless mistakes had often deterred him from getting full marks for his examinations and tests, Rebecca had kept reminded him that he had the capability to get full marks and scoring an A* for his PSLE was not an issue.

PSLE results came out on 22nd Nov 2018 and Louis has gotten A* for his Math. This is the only subject he has gotten this grade and has also helped him to score slightly higher than his peers in overall T-scores due to this. Now, he has the scores he wanted and the ability to choose his Secondary School of choice.

This has been a really delightful and enriching 8 years of journey with PSLE Math and we have nothing but huge praises for the fantastic results we have gotten for our son due to the incredible teaching methods and caring teachers from this centre. We also wish to specially mention teacher Clara who had helped Louis tremendously during his P6 final year with dedicated coaching and mentoring. Louis’ excellent results and intense interests in Math had not been possible if not for these teachers and PSLE Math centre.

We have now enrolled our younger son for P3 course in this centre due to this immerse success. This is a definite go-to choice for Math tuitions for primary students.

Once again, we thank Rebecca, Clara and PSLE Math for all your dedication. You have been part of our son’s learning journey and a stepping stone for our son’s continued education success.

Regards,Tiang Boon Leong, Nichson

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