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Anna bought some highlighters, pens and mechanical pencils. 1/4 of them were highlighters. The number of pens she bought was 6 more than 1/2 the total number of all the items and the remaining items were mechanical pencils. Each of the highlighters, pens and mechanical pencils cost $2.10, $4.05 and $1.60 respectively. She spent a total of $227.10 on all the itmes. How many pens did she buy all together?


Similar to last week, this week’s question of the week also consists of two concepts:

1. Branching

2. Quantity and Value

From last week’s QOTW, we said that quantity value is when a question that involves items that has both elements of quantity and value (i.e coins have a quantity element (6 coins) and a value element (6 10¢ coins).

Branching on the other hand, is a method to replace complicated part and whole models. Most schools will introduce branching methods in Primary 5.

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