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There are 2 teams of members at a fast food restaurant. Team G has 30 more members than Team H. Each member in Team G prepares 4 burgers in 1 minute while each member in Team H only prepares 3 burgers in 1 minute. In 1 hour, both teams prepare 36 600 burgers altogether. How many members are there in each team?


This week, we have combined two concepts into one:

1. Concept of Rate2. Concept of Quantity and Value

The topic on rate was first taught in Primary 5. Similar to the topic of speed, many students find rate concepts difficult to grasp while Quantity Value is a commonly tested concept. Such questions involve items that has both elements of quantity and value, for example, coins. It has both a quantity element (6 coins) and a value element (6 10ยข coins).

Have a go at the above questions and refer to the detailed solutions below when you’re done. We wish you the best for your coming examinations.

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