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Speed is the topic most Primary 6 students find challenging as the thought process required to solve these speed questions are very different from the topics students have been accustomed to from Primary 1 to Primary 5.

Although speed questions appear to be challenging, they are in fact pretty standard and can be categorised into 3 broad categories:

1) One object moving2) Two objects moving in opposite directions.3) Two objects moving in the same direction.

With less than a month to PSLE, most primary 6 students should be able to manage these 3 types of speed questions by now. What students can do is to expose themselves to non-standard speed questions to further prepare themselves for the upcoming exam! Think you’re prepared? Try your hand at the question below.

#6. At 7 a.m., Ben and his sister left their house and cycled to school. Ben cycled at a speed of 4km/h faster than his sister. When Ben reached his school, he realised he had left his wallet at home and he immediately cycled back home to get his wallet. After cycling 400m from school, he met his sister on the way. What time did ben meet his sister on his way back? (Source: Nanyang)

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