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This weeks question involves the concept – Grouping by Quantity and Value.

This sort of Question may seem very familiar to most P5 and P6 students, as it is one of the most commonly tested types on questions in exams. Typical grouping questions are very easily identified, due to the fact that they are all structured very similarly, along the lines of “5 apples cost $4”, “4 books cost $23” etc.

For this week’s question of the week, we would like to share with you one of the better grouping questions that we have come across in our years of research. This single question, tests the student on Grouping by Quantity and Value. Have a go at this sample question and we wish you all the best at the mastery of this important concept. Stay tuned for more questions in the coming weeks !

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#5. John bought some pens at the prices shown in above image. (Source St Hilda)

a) He bought an equal number of blue and red pens. He paid $99.20 more for the blue pens than the red pens. How many pens did he buy altogether?

b) Yenni spent an equal amount of money on the blue and red pens. What fraction of the pens she bought were red pens? (Give your answer as a fraction in the simplest form)

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