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This week’s question involves the concept: “Patterns”.

Many students find pattern questions challenging, due to the fact that there seems to be no consistency in the way these questions are designed.

However, from our 10 years of experience of sifting through and analysing these sort questions , we have noticed a common trend in the way these pattern questions are designed.

From what we have gathered, there are 3 main ways that pattern questions are designed. Here at PSLEMath we have termed them as;

1. Constant Difference Numbers

2. Square Numbers

3. Triangle Numbers

Among these types of questions, the most common types is pattern questions that involve Constant Difference Numbers. These types of Constant Difference Patterns use the same concepts as interval concept .

For this week’s question of the week, we have chosen to go with the Patterns – Constant Difference Numbers. Have a go at this sample question and we wish you all the best at the mastery of this important concept. Stay tuned for more questions in the coming weeks !

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