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This week’s question involves the concept: “Supposition – Involving Grouping”.

Typically by now, most students would have mastered the Concept of Supposition. This is due to the fact that the Supposition concept is one of the most commonly tested questions in Primary 5 and Primary 6. It’s importance can be seen where it is already introduced to children very early on, as early as Primary 2. Supposition questions are termed as “Assumption Concepts” and were tested as high value (4 mark) single questions. Due to its early introduction, most students are able to solve standard Supposition questions using a standard set of steps and no longer see it as a challenging concept to master.

However, from our 10 years of experience and sifting through questions from past year papers, we have noticed a common trend. At Primary 5 and 6, questions involving the Concept of Supposition come integrated with other concepts such as, difference, penalties, ratios, etc. Although only a slight variation, it can cause the child to be confused and misinterpret the question.

To achieve mastery in the concept of Supposition, student must first understand that Supposition Questions can come in 5 unique variations.

At PSLEMath, we classify them as:






For this week’s question of the week, we have chosen to got with the Grouping variant of the Supposition Concept. Have a go at this sample question and we wish you all the best at the mastery of this versatile and tricky concept. Stay tuned for more questions in the coming weeks !

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