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Rules to Remember for Fractions

Proper/Improper Fractions

  1. Change common denominator for NON MIXED NUMBER fractions.
  2. When changing to common denominator, REMEMBER TO MULTIPLY top and bottom number using the SAME multiples.
  3. Change/Multiply IN the question/sum itself, do not separate them.
  4. Attempt to the working/solutions when doing problem sum and change denominator when you need to. Tip: DO NOT change ALL FRACTIONS within the sum then start to attempt the questions!!! ATTEMPT and write down the solutions first then change in the sum itself.

Mixed Number Fractions

  1. Change mixed number to proper/improper fractions WITHOUT changing the denominator yet.
  2. Change to common denominator by multiplying top and bottom numbers using the SAME multiples.

General rules for Fractions

  1. “+” and “-“must make denominator the SAME.
  2. “x” opposite denominator if you do not know the common denominator to find.
  3. Never leave your answer as improper fractions or mixed number WITH improper fraction.
  4. Always change you answers to PROPER FRACTION or SIMPLIFY.
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