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Please share with other relatives and friends who are looking for a strong headstart in primary math for next year!

Parents with Primary 2-5 kids: If your child isn’t scoring well consistently for Math (stuck in the 50+ – 60+ mark range) – Register early for PSLEMath’s December Holiday Booster so your child will have a head start and score better for math before the next school year!

Here at PSLEMath, we are primary math specialists – Our breakthrough ‘Matrix’ problem sums solving method has helped over 3000+ underperforming math students in the last 10 years score 10-20 marks more and jump 1-3 grades for primary math.

Today, our “PSLEMath Matrix Method” is used in Top Singapore Schools like Ai Tong Primary, Admiralty Primary School and all YMCA Learning Centres.

Every year, at least 80-90% of our students score A/A*, even though many of them come to us scoring only 50 – 60+.

Parents, the end of the year is approaching, and here at PSLEMath, we’re opening registrations for our December holiday booster early.

Every year, in this December holiday math booster, we aim to take advantage of the “holiday” period in December to improve the math grades of our students before the new school year starts.

We’ve found this period to be extremely effective, as students do not have other distractions / added stress like school and homework. From our experience, they’re able to absorb and improve quickly at a comfortable pace, as they’re able to fully focus in this period to prepare for next year.

In this short, bite-sized programme, we’ll be covering:

– A focused look that targets the core heuristics (math problem sum techniques) and common concepts that are tested in exams.

For P2 & P3, this will be a deep look at whole numbers and fractions,

And for P4 & P5, we expand into covering ratios and percentage topics, which make up 80% of the bulk of the math exams.

– This booster course will strongly re-inforce the current knowledge of the students, and provide them with the core building blocks of problem sum solving.

This will ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary problem sum solving skills to score 10-20 marks more in math for the next academic year.

Why our booster programme is raved about by parents yearly:

– The programme only takes 2 hours a day for 3 days. This means that students will be able to re-inforce and solidify their concepts stress-free during their holidays, under the guidance of our math specialists.

– Fractions, Ratio, Decimals & Percentages are core topics in the Primary Math curriculum. If a student is able to have strong foundations in these concepts, they’ll be able to score their A’s effortlessly.

– Our booster is extremely affordably priced at only $170 – $280 (depending on your child’s Primary Level) for all 3 days.

Let your child start ahead now! Simply enquire with us: or drop us a message at (

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